Mistress Amara Noir
Updates Sept

Hey. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my page. I was psyched to stay home in NY all Sept for once.  Then I got sick, weak, mehh.  Better now in regards to my cold. I figured now would be a great time to take a  serious detox. All that traveling,working around the clock,  and all my passions outside of fetish/bdsm- it’s a lot to juggle. 

I was just talking to Jason Ninja of Bratty Girls and I will be locking down dates soon. He’s in St. Petersburg and I can stay there.They have a dungeon out back that I can host sessions in.  There’s so many  dommes and cam girls down there I can hopefully  get a lot of footage and hopefully a few sessions.   Right now I’m looking to go down the 19-22nd as I don’t like to be away from home (pets) too long. I could possibly stay a bit longer, but I won’t be making any side trips (say to orlando or other city) unless deposits are made.

I hope to book my ticket  by saturday afternoon so $peak now  or forever hold your pervy little dick.


My new clip  Sister’s Revenge, is maybe my longest clip to date. It was a custom and it was actually fun for me to bring to Life. I  know some of you  maybe hesitant to buy a longer ( more expensive) clip, but I’m quite happy with it. And happy to report that the client who ordered the custom is already brainstorming a follow up. It’s nearly 18 minutes long and I will also be offering it as two parts very shortly.

CUSTOM: I have a toilet humiliation custom fantasy, where there has been a female power revolution in our town, and you are my sister who lives with me, who comes up with the most extreme humiliation for me during these empowering times. Basically, the “new female Mayor” of our town has put laws into place to officially/legally solidify the female supremacy in our society. Men all around are being forced by their wives/female family members to become slaves and do whatever the women want, no questions asked. The women are in control now, and its time for us men to obey! You come in fully clothed, wearing an outfit of your choice (but maybe some lululemon spandex pants if you could?) excited about the recent news and how awesome it is for women everywhere. You tell me that you were just out with all your girlfriends, while they were talking about how they’re going to humiliate the men in their lives. Some were going to make them kiss their feet in public, some were going to spit on them, have them on leashes, etc. But you have the most humiliating idea ever, you’re going to put a toilet seat around my neck and turn my mouth into your fart-eating toilet! I’m just a loser who doesn’t really leave the house, so you will be taking me outside too, to show the other girls what REAL humiliation is! Explain to me how each part of my face relates to a toilet: My lips are your toilet seat, my mouth is the shYtbowl, when you say “flush” I will swallow, and my tongue wipes your ass clean. Tell me that you will make a direct connection from your ass to my mouth. Sometimes it will only just be farts, but also for number 2. You’re excited that you won’t ever have to smell your own waste once I’m trained. I know your stern humiliating verbals would be perfect for this script NOTE- I DON’T ALLOW ASS LICKING OR ASS TO MOUTH CONTACT IN SESSIONS- DO NOT ASK.



If you haven’t noticed

I’m cracking down on the shit I don’t want to deal with.

God I can’t stand people who can’t read.

For the 97,000th time:

No intimate worship!!

You cannot  be my toilet paper

You cannot lick my asshole or pussy.

And If you cannot read/ understand this concept

then you will be blocked immediately without a response

Your email will filter straight to the trash


this post will be tagged. #rimming #pussy #pussylicking

#NOrimming #no pussylicking   #blocked 

and don’t refer to anything that comes out of my body “juices”


Boston 8/15 & 8/16

Sunday- Not available

Mon 8/18-wed 8/20 - Noon-6:30 pm

Thursday 8/21-  Sunday Morninging 8/24- Detroit

Rest of August NYC!  usually noon-6:30. Later possible with advance notice & deposit.


Lately I like to travel twds the end of the week so I can still go to karate and catch you knobs twds the end of your work week.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be on a karate  retreat (not taking sessions) the wknd of sept 20.   Home in NYC the wknd of sept 26-28. So Looks like that leaves the first 2 wknds open to travel.  just a headsup.   This is not a cue for  when are you gonna visit _____? ( the answer is when you pay my day rate to come out there, otherwise I stick to my own agenda)  As previously stated I’m looking at chicago, Miami and Maybe somewhere in Ohio before November. Then I’d Like to go to Paris In November, I’d like to go to Australia in Feb. Beyond that, please  have you wallet open when pleading a case for your city.

Slave with nuts in a vice. Don’t forget to check out the clip of me kicking his weak nuts.  Bunny posing with some of her poop stains, ready for idiot boy to mop it up. 

Nut & Butt Slut

Dipshit came over to clean my house and I made him wear the humblr device the whole time. They must be so sore after an hour and a half of being squeezed and compressed during manual labor. Hahah. Well. I’ve been away on vacation and lil dip hasn’t gotten a proper beating in a month so I need to give him a high dose of humiliation to bring him back into the realm. I know I’m going to make him scream so I stuff his mouth full ith a pink dildo. I slap his droopy hanging balls while they’re gripped in the vice and declare I just need to give them one good kick- but of course I can’t stop myself. I kick with heels. I finally take his device off and keep the pain coming. Then I move the dick from his mouth and start stuffing it up his butt. he wants to reject it. His screams continue. I give him one of his other favourite toys-the broom he uses to clean my house- to bite down into, until I push him into a pain threshold that I find satisfying. CROTCH ABUSE, BALL KICKING, BALL BUSTING, DILDOS , PEGGING, ASS FUCKING, ASS SLAPPING, SPANKING, SISSY MAID, SPITTING, BALL www.clips4sale.com/65331/11829849

Historic Centaur Mixes Battle and Playtime

Funny how my self appointed surname is French, and my self-appointed band name many moons ago sounds French, and all the while I never thought I would care for France. I had a great time. I want to go back. o yes please oui-ngedlatinparisianjesus oui.  

Another Busy Day

I see I got a lot of emails. No more sessions today and Im out for a few hours. Looking fwd- honestly am- to answering emails,editing clips and dirnking whiskey when I get back. mmkay. thankyougoddamnit.

Mange mon merde

Hey! You guys have been good  thus far about paying deposits and I have a  couple customs to film this weekend. Eventually I will put up a pic or  5 from my trip, it just doesn’t seem as pressing as sessions, and the present moment. Summer time after all.  Thanks to these deposits and various giftcards I have a phone and a tumbling mat (for karate) on the way.  However, my favourite thing in the world to put btwn my legs has been stolen. Yes. My bicycle,  

I just don’t understand thievery.  

Someone in france has my dated galaxy s3 with  a 97-digit password locking it - hope you find it useful. I can’t see it being that lucrative to sell . It’s also verizon. so if you do use it with a different carrier you will get repeated messages about how you’re not using a verizon network- have fun with  that. And my bike- again I think something that’s most valuable to the owner and not very much for resale value. This bike has been stolen before and my bike mechanic of all people saw someone riding around with it just 2 days after I told him,disheartened, that mine was gone. Tip your service industry workers and treat them nicely!  Maybe my stallion will find it’s way back to me again.

Anyhow. gotta rush. I won’t be available much today or tomorrow. all booked up. I have quite a few clips lined up. and I am trying to revisit Boston next wknd ideally. hotels in Boston were $80 in the winter and now they look like $200. I did ok in the winter..I don’t mind shelling out $200 for a hotel if I have 3 -5 sessions a day  for 2 or 3 days. but… again  I know from experience, traveling is a gamble. Deposits would help me greatly.

Detroit, I’m looking at 8/21-8/24.  II don’t know who of my regulars will be around. I sent out a few emails.PLease get back to me and let’s start filling up  that schedule.

New Rules Across the Board.

Into scat, FTT? cool, pay me a deposit. I get a lot of interest and lately a lot of time wasters. I could charge deposits for everything and maybe that’s coming next. I have nearly 6 years of experience. I obviously  wouldn’t still be doing this if I was only here to rip people off.  You on the other hand, are no one. You cancel on me at the last minute and well I could have given your time slot to someone else, or I could have planned my whole day differently.

Regulars whom I trust are exempt from this rule. If I’ve seen you once 8 months ago, I do not remember who you are -you are not a regular. Suck it up pay a deposit then maybe you can BECOME a  regular. 

Iceburg Lettuce

What are you saying my rabbit is trailer trash, dipshit? What part of my life  as you know it thus far makes you think I’m the sort of person who buys GMO  Iceburg lettuce sealed in plastic wrap? Are you fucking stupid? I refuse to feed that to my rabbit- and she eats her own poop.

Congrats. Your assignment this weekend is to eat nothing but plain ass iceburg lettuce. Eat the goddamn plastic wrap too you fucking moron.

I’m going to stick this garbage directly in my compost bin and make you eat it out of there so you don’t forget the lesson (much like how I taught you about trash vs recyclables).

 For the future- when I say I want lettuce for the rabbit  I want 3, not 2.

romaine, green/red leaf are fine. She also love kale. Hates cabbage. Hates swiss chard-  Likes Basil and Dill weed.

Yes I am legitimately angry about this I feel insulted.